Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Survive against zombies as a super-human loaded with advanced weapons in this first-person shooter game

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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 lacks a lot of the inspiration we found in the first two Black Ops, but with that said, if you were a fan of the past titles, more of the same fast-paced arcade shooting is coming up the pipeline. The game fell apart because of how it reaches in several different directions without concentrating on any focus point. With that said, there's a lot of action and shooting that appeals to a certain kind of gamer.

Customization and Specialists

To be fair, they did add some new options to the game. You now have specialists, which add more nuance to the game, and you also have customization to the characters. For example, you can now create a female soldier too. Although to be honest, the customization is extraordinarily basic. If you want real customization, you might be better off seeking a game like Elder Scrolls. The customization options are basically a female with a headband or a female without a headband. You do not get to select much outside that, but most of the Call of Duty fanbase did not come to customize their characters.

Three Different Modes

In the game, you have three different modes: zombie mode, multiplayer mode, and campaign. Zombie mode was wildly popular in past Call of Duty games, and they have revived it in the new Black Ops. You will also unlock another mode called "Nightmares," after you have beat the campaign with the zombies.

With regular campaign mode, the objectives start to feel somewhat boring and like a chore. It's much of the same, and you just aim, shoot, reload, and repeat. The campaign mode could have used a little more inspiration than what we have seen with it. One of the most crippling problems with it is how it lacks variety. You kill your enemies in much the same way you did in the past levels. Along with a lack of variety, the story falls flat. You do get a compelling story line; in fact, it raises intriguing questions and fails to answer them.

Black Ops 3 feels a lot like it does just enough to keep the status quo of the past titles, but it does not offer much in the way of innovation. Black Ops 2 was a highly ambitious title with maps that redefined gun fighting. Unlike other games, it is recommended to play the campaign mode in Black Ops 3 with a higher difficulty level. The game does have a few twists and turns, but unfortunately, most of them are predictable. The cool thing about campaign mode is how you can play with up to four other gamers and some of the gameplay relies on teamwork.

Multiplayer mode was one of the gaming modes that made the Call of Duty games famous among gamers. Starting out, you will die a lot. It only takes a couple hits to die. The biggest problem is how the game does not match you up with gamers close to your skill level, and you will often find yourself outmatched against some of the more seasoned Call of Duty players. The addition of specialists has given the game a little more variety. Likewise for campaign and Zombie modes, the gameplay has become more nuanced and enjoyable than ever before.

Lacks Variety

As has been a common complaint in the past, Call of Duty Black Ops 3 lacks much in variety, which degrades the excitement. You shoot, kill, reload, and repeat. This game does not have much in the way of real strategy, and it focuses more on fast kills and getting as many as possible. With the futuristic gameplay, it feels similar to what you might do in Bioshock or Titanfall. Nevertheless, when it comes to the voice cast, you have an interesting selection of talented voice actors that includes:

  • Steve Blum
  • Abby Brammell
  • Kimberly Brooks
  • Tangie Ambrose
  • Ike Amadi

Large Amount of Content

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 has a sizable amount of content, which is some of the best ever seen in a Call of Duty game. The problem with the content is how Black Ops 3 failed to spend enough time making you care about the characters. You have almost no emotional connection to them, which is somewhat disappointing. The game did explore some rather taboo and interesting topics of the future. For example, what happens once people no longer own their own thoughts or they do not receive the mental health service needed. The problem is, they didn't go much deeper than that. If you didn't guess, the answer was to kill more robots.

Where Call of Duty Excels Its Predecessors

The common tactic in the game is to charge to the other side of the battlefield. From there, you flank the enemy from a spot they could not make it to at a normal running speed. A lot of the levels accommodate for this type of strategy, and the game often relies on teamwork and cooperation to beat the Black Ops 3 campaign mode. It does this in a way that has never been seen before.

Another refreshing point in Call of Duty is how you can now hack drones and use them to clear a path. It's a breath of fresh air to finally have a game where you have more options than to just shoot another guy but with a different gun. Multiplayer has some interesting mobility mechanics like you could perform wall-running while shooting, but keep in mind, this feature will be locked away in the tech tree of campaign mode.


  • Wall-running and shooting a good feature
  • Compelling storymode
  • Full of action
  • Specialization adds more variation


  • Lacks variation
  • Suits only a certain type of gamer
  • Story falls flat with a failure to stay intriguing
  • Predictable story mode
  • Not a lot of character customization features

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